Quality & service

Quality guarantee

For High Hope Foods, nothing is more serious and important than quality, we believe High Hope Foods is born for quality. Our mission is to provide the premium quality ingredients & additives and more professional service to the global clients who also think the quality is the key to success.

We understood our quality is tight with our partner factories. Driven by this principle, we only work with the qualified factories and make them as our long term contract factories to guarantee the consecutive supply and stable quality. For approving the factory, we adopt the following procedures,

Specification evaluation
For each product, our product manager will evaluate the specification provided by the factory and check whether it complies with global standards or in light of the requests of certain client.
Sample test
The samples provided by the factory will be sent to SGS, EUROFINS or other third party lab to test parameters and functionality and make sure the results conform to the specification.
On-site auditing
We always audit each factory in person and make sure the factory meets the standards such as ISO, HACCP, BRC or IFS, and HALAL & KOSHER; we will take samples again in production line at random and then send to SGS, EUROFINS or other independent lab to test parameters and functionality, making sure the quality is qualified. Besides, the management team of the factory is another important factor that we need to evaluate for our approval, we believe a good factory should always put quality and customers first. After the factory being approved to be contract plant, we company will regularly review the quality documentation and re-audit the factory in person every year, and from time to time, our quality manager will go to factory to take samples at random in the production lines, then let independent lab test, guaranteeing the quality parameters are consistent.
Pre-shipment sample test and loading supervision
Before each shipment, the pre-shipment sample of each batch will be taken and tested, and the sample of each batch will be well stored during the whole shelf life of the product, besides, we send our people to supervise every container loading, photo or video will be taken to record the whole procedures.

Professional service guarantee

All our team members have good education background and were ever trained well, can communicate with clients very smoothly. We have been supplying the global markets hydrocolloids and other healthy ingredients & additives for many years, owning very rich experiences and products knowledge as well. We are committed to providing our clients quality service too, for achieving this, we always comply with but not limited to the following points,

Quick response to each inquiry from clients.

Abiding by contract(s) and promise(s).

Providing technical support upon request.

Keeping commercial secrets of each client.